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Uchiha Madara Impure World Resurrection – Naruto 559

In the latest Naruto 559 Chapter, we finally have our self the answer of who the mysterious man is! Uchiha Madara! What a shock! Uchiha Madara’s Impure World Resurrection! Yesterday’s question is todays answer, of who the mysterious man in the coffin set a chain reaction to who the masked man called Tobi! Many have said that this masked menace is Obito Uchiha who was Kakashi’s friend during his child years. Although we have no answer till we actually see who it is, we can still give it a guess! Comment below on who you think it is! Naruto Chapter 559 named “At Last, The “Trump Card” …!!!” has Naruto completely smashing all White and Black Zetsu’s Forces as well as their reinforcements. We think Naruto has destroyed all of their forces but one thing on my mind now is, Where is Tobi? (Masked Guy). He could be doing anything from preparing his own forces to finding a way to win a battle. Since now all of this action was most part of Black and White Zetsu and Orochimaru’s right hand man Kabuto Yakushi! Uchiha Madara has done nothing! But wait..? Isn’t a good thing in the long run? Well yeh! That’s because his disappearance adds an extra layer of suspense, it’s like you never know when his going to appear. This absence of his tells me his planning something Big! He wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of creating the next world war for no reason, he must have an even larger power! We’ll have to just wait and see what’ll have on next weeks episode! Stay tuned, keep watching and reading!