Archive - October 6, 2011


Ichigo Kurosaki Loses his Shinigami Powers – Bleach 342

A Great and Sad time for all of us as this Filler/Arc ends and  Ichigo Loses his Shinigami Powers after using the Final Tenshou(Tensa) Zangetsu on Aizen! In this weeks episode, we see Ichigo slowly lose his Shinigami powers after taking the temporary pill which would store his powers during Bleach 341! He fought 2 Hollows which both were very hard to kill on his own. On the second he released his Final Getsuga Tensho upon a large hollow which pulverized it completely! So after waking up he goes outside to have some fresh air, he feels no spiritual pressure except from Rukia herself, he says “Even Rukia’s presence is gradually fading…”. After this they both share a couple of touching words and Rukia fades away. This Arc/Filler has finished! Next week’s episode (Bleach 343) will feature “The Lost Substitute Shinigami” Arc! It will include new characters, new powers and even more awesomeness! For those who left after Aizen’s Capture, you HAVE to get back to Bleach!


Second Tsuchikage Muu’s Mysterious Summoning Jutsu – Kuchiyose No Jutsu! – Naruto 558

In the latest Naruto 558 Manga Chapter, we see that Naruto wasn’t fully able to kill Muu, the Second Tsuchikage, in fact he split in half like a Shadow Clone, but a lot quicker and both share the person’s power. The first Muu is within the Sealed Sand, while the second Muu wont be able to use his power to defeat Naruto or anyone else since he isn’t able to fully fight. In these few images above, we see Muu, making a mysterious summoning jutsu for something unknown. Since he now isn’t able to fight, he’ll have to buy some more time. This summoning Jutsu or the Kuchiyose No Jutsu, could be something really crucial for example something that could bring Madara Uchiha’s side an advantage! Until we actually see what the next chapter is, there is no other way of knowing what this mysterious jutsu will be! So read the latest new Naruto 559 next week!