Hollow Ichigo Rage – Bleach 338

As you guys noticed on my post last week here. My prediction last week was that he would go on a rampage and destroy everything around him with just a flick of a finger, but im sure that’s not what Tite Kubo is thinking about now. In this episode, we see all these great Hollow Ichigo posses, screams, body views and great animation.

Currently all Ichigo’s destroyed or killed are the few Shinigamis we see asking “whats going on” to Lieutenant Ise of the 8th Division! That seems a little strange as last time Hollow Ichigo was out, he wanted to destroy everything within the training grounds during our Bleach times with the Vizards.

At the end of this Episode, we surprisingly see Ouko Yushima(Ōko Yushima), this form includes fusing both Kageroza Inaba and Nozomi Kujo(Nozomi Kujō). I predict that in the next episode, we wont see any destruction during Bleach 339 because Ouko Yushima will be fighting Hollow Ichigo! Hope to see some Cero’s and power blows next episode.

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